Cloud Driven Solutions

Our Story

During his 25+ year career journey through the IT and Audio/Video Industries, AJ discovered he had a knack for thinking outside the box. He learned to harness his abilities to view things from a mile high point of view and it was that view that allowed him to excel in all his roles.

After leaving the IT industry at a young age where he focused on upgrading business network infrastructure he found his home and true passion for the Audio/Video Industry. Starting as a wire puller he quickly moved up the ranks to eventually become a top automation programmer. While programming some of the most complex million dollar systems it became very clear to him that ease of use was a big priority that had to be addressed. He spent a long time and continues to study how people interact with systems to design user experiences that are easy yet powerful. Some of which have even published in magazines.

While working for companies he couldn't help but notice gaps and issues in the ways daily operations flowed. Taking things into his own hands he began to learn more about software platforms, developing apps, and working on ways to solve a company's pain points. Through the years he's tackled issues from CRM, Project Management, and Service processes. Taking in feedback from other employees and analyzing all the information he would devise strategies to solve them. His favorite go to phrase was always "Work Smarter, Not Harder"

In 2020, AJ made the decision to start Cloud Driven Solutions. He wanted to take his experiences to start helping others. Today CDS engulfs all his beliefs and knowledge to help others with their needs in multiple facets.

Our Leadership

  • Tim Bock


    Tim provides core structure through his expertise and proven track record in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Business Planning, Go-to-Market Strategies and Vendor Relations.

  • AJ Thompson

    Vice President

    With over 20 years experience in Web Development and the Audio/Video Industry, AJ brings a unique set of skills to help businesses solve their daily problems.